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MatchNice Co-Founding Team: Pooya Pourak, Madeline Hendry, Ibraheem Saleh

Ibraheem ("Ib") works to keep MatchNice solutions on the leading edge of the technology curve.

Pooya leads MatchNice towards our vision and mission through a human-centered design approach.

Madeline is our organizational process power house and helps connect all the dots at MatchNice.

Our mission is to connect the nonprofit ecosystem and maximize social impact.

MatchNice Icon

Our first logo symbolized
our vision of a world fueled by gratitude and people doing good.

Tapestry by a nonprofit called the Moonshot Moment
Initial vision drawing by our CEO before MatchNice was founded
MatchNice human-centered design research, interviews, quotes, and insights

We're building MatchNice on a mountain of feedback from nonprofits and donors.

Watch or listen to our story in Episode 1 of our podcast,
 The Nonprofit Lab!

The Nonprofit Lab Podcast by MatchNice


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This is only the beginning

We are currently fundraising to develop Version 1 of MatchNice in 2023.  Sign up for our beta waitlist to be the first to join or consider joining our pilot program. Click the link below to learn more!

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