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Inspire Giving.

 A nonprofit fundraising platform built to inspire more giving.

Kindness is Contagious.


💡 84% of donors say they are more likely to give if there's a match, nice!¹

Matching Pledges 💚

We awarded 5 nonprofits $500 matches each. All met their goal, and 3 of 5 set monthly donation records!

Nonprofit donation matching works by bringing donors and matchers together to support mission-aligned causes.
Donors and donation matchers come together to double the donation for nonprofits and make a bigger impact and difference for missions and causes.

Double the Impact 💙

We proved that generosity inspires more generosity and that we can help double the donations for nonprofits.

We connect mission-aligned donors to multiply geneoristy.

Let's be Clear with Donors.

💡 Pretty wild, but only 54% of Americans say that they trust nonprofits.³

Be Transparent 🔎

68% of donors say that understanding the work nonprofits are doing would build their trust. Not shocking.²

Being transparent is one of the most effective ways for nonprofits to build more trust with donors, which will lead to more support and more donations, and ultimately more impact.
Building trust is essential for nonprofits to thrive, engage, acquire, and retain donors. MatchNice helps nonprofits communicate their mission, work, needs and impact.

Communicate 💬  

We make it easier for you to build trust by communicating your mission, work, needs, and the impact that donations create.

We help nonprofits build more trust with donors.

FundrAIse with Humanity.

💡 Artificial Intelligence won't replace your job, but it can make it easier.

Accelerate Design 🎨

What if AI could create a donation experience in your brand voice and theme? We think that'd be pretty sweet too.

MatchNice will help nonprofits accelerate and more quickly design and launch their impact-centric donation page with MatchNice, a brand new AI-powered fundraising vision and platform.
Artificial Intelligence can help nonprofits by reducing the time and effort it takes to build and manage their online fundraising experience, creating more time, space, and resources to focus on things that matter most: building relationships, and delivering their mission and programs to create a bigger impact.

Human Focused 🙌

 AI can do some of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on building relationships and mission delivery.

We use Al to save time so you can focus on what's important.

Big Vision. Big Goals. Small Team.

Look, we're not robots! Meet the faces working to make MatchNice a reality.

MatchNice Chief Technology Officer, Ibraheem Saleh

Ibraheem ("Ib") oversees product development at the intersection of what's feasible, viable, and desired. 

MatchNice Chief Executive Officer, Pooya Pourak

Pooya leads MatchNice towards our mission and vision through a human-centered design approach.

MatchNice Chief Operating Officer, Madeline Hendry

Madeline connects the dots between marketing, operations, and our go-to-market strategy.

Be the first to know.

MatchNice Monthly subscribers receive our latest updates and dad jokes.

We got an email the other day telling us how to read maps backwards. Turns out it was spam. Keep an eye out for the next edition of "MatchNice Monthly" and thanks for subscribing!

We're always learning 🎧

Challenge the Status Quo.

Check out The Nonprofit Lab, a podcast dedicated to the ongoing discovery of how we can all be a bigger part of social change through the lens of the nonprofit sector.

The Nonprofit Lab Logo, challenge the status quo in the nonprofit sector by learning from experts in the nonprofit, philantrhopic, and social impact technology space.
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