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Inspiring more giving with matching donations.

Reimagine what your "donate" button can do

Say goodbye to vague and transactional donate pages. 

  • Matching donation capabilities

  • Lets donors give from any page

  • Clearly shows donors your needs

  • Communicates your impact

  • Accept Apple Pay & Google Pay

Don't leave donors guessing about impact

Show donors exactly where their money is going.

  • Increase donor engagement

  • Show donors your top initiatives

  • Let donors choose what to support

  • Tie dollars to potential impact

  • One-time and monthly donations


Ready to reimagine your donation experience?

Our pilot program is designed to help nonprofits launch a new transparent, accountable, and impact-centric donation experience.

Accept donations via

Accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apply to our pilot program

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Our Team

Oh hey! We're the people behind MatchNice. 


 We are on a mission to connect the nonprofit ecosystem to maximize social impact.


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